The Sunshine Vanilla Story

Sunshine Vanilla was formed in 2012 after, during an unrelated trip to Papua New Guinea, we were approached by a group of local landowners who were seeking help in achieving a fair market price for their vanilla.

Upon further investigation, we were amazed at how a group of local villages had pulled together so coherently to share their available resources to develop a number of small organic co-operative vanilla plantations. Their sheer passion and entrepreneurship was humbling.

Upon our return to Australia, we distributed samples of their amazing produce to restaurants all around Brisbane and its surrounds. The demand and response we received was overwhelming with many restaurants immediately placing orders. With a tiny slice of the market in tact we started working with these organic co-op plantations marketing their amazing produce in Australia, and Sunshine Vanilla was born.

Unfortunately in 2013 this same group of farmers had an incredibly bad harvest and after much consultation a number of these farmers decided to redevelop their land into growing easier and less labour intensive cash crops. This decrease in supply coupled with the increasing demand we were experiencing for natural vanilla products forced us to source vanilla from other regions.

Since then, we have invested a considerable amount of resources in sourcing only the finest organically grown natural vanilla products from the most exotic locations, from farmers and partners we know and trust. We continue to place a strong emphasis on supporting the local communities from whom we obtain this exceptional produce creating meaningful relationships and partnerships. It is, and has always been, our intention to create an experience where passion meets purpose.

You Can Rest Assured Knowing That Our Vanilla Is:


  • Great Service, outstanding product. You saved our award winning vanilla bean ice cream. We wouldn’t be able to continue to provide an outstanding product without your Pure Ground Vanilla Powder.

    Meike Borkeloh, Licks Gelato, Westcourt, QLD
  • I have found that the moist succulent aromatic Sunshine Vanilla beans deliver a deliciously strong, floral and sweet aroma however on the palate I find a vibrant flavor that is unsurpassed. The beans are always first grade and are equally superb in delicate fine desserts or the more robust rich indulgences…especially when combined with chocolate.

    Javier Codina, Chef de Cuisine, Moda Restaurant
  • The Sunshine vanilla beans are plump, fresh, fragrant and full of flavour. These are the best vanilla beans that I have used.

    Ross Howell, Executive Chef, Royal on the Park, Brisbane

    Ross Howell, Executive Chef, Royal on the Park, Brisbane